The Best Exfoliating Products for Dry Skin

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Today I am going to share the best exfoliating products for dry skin from Sanitas Skincare! Dry skin can be a pain to deal with from day to day, especially in the cold seasons. Exfoliation is awesome for taking about the dead and dull skin and helping the new healthy skin break through.



Sanitas Lemon Cream Scrub is an awesome gentle exfoliant. Gentle enough Is to use everyday for those who do not have sensitive. Those of you that do, use this every other day. This product makes the skin instantly look healthier and more bright, and not to mention it smells like a lemon cookie!


A medium Exfoliation

Sanitas GlycoSolution 15% is a good medium exfoliant. This toner is great to use after the Lemon Cream Scrub, and right before you move on to a heavier exfoliant or moisturizer. This product I would recommend using only every other day for those who do not have sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin, use this once a week. This product contains glycolic acid, which is the key acid for those who have dry or aging skin.


A once a week exfoliation

Sanitas Cranberry Lactic Mask is an exfoliation that will really take away dead skin and leave it feeling super smooth. This mask should be used once a week for those that do not have sensitive skin. Those that do, use this once every two weeks.  This product has some serious ingredients in it to give some amazing results to your skin, but the key is to not over use it.


a few more tips for dry skin

Drink lots of water – Staying hydrated is key to keeping your skin from getting dry.

Do not sun tan or go to tanning beds – Tanning is one of the many causes of dry skin for people. Not to mention the other damage that it can cause to your skin. Skip the bed and get a spray tan or use a good self tanner.

Do not over exfoliate – Over exfoliation can be damaging to skin and can potentially cause break outs. Only use exfoliants Moisturizers the way they are instructed.


All of these are wonderful products and tips to help you with your dry skin. I use them at home, and I love every one of them, and I am sure you will too!

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10 thoughts on “The Best Exfoliating Products for Dry Skin

  1. Hi Abbey,

    That post was very informative and concise. Providing information on 3 different levels of exfoliation is appropriate because I’m guessing
    that no two people have exactly the same type of skin. Great tips on general skin care to finish. You come across as being very
    knowledgable and an expert in this field.


  2. Thanks for the great tips! Skin in the winter is so dry and I find I need to exfoliate more. I like your breakdown of gentle, medium and once a week exfoliation. I do believe drinking extra water helps too!

  3. I have very dry skin and struggle to make it healthy and soft. If i exfoliate, it gets more rough. I would try the the gentle exfoliation you mentioned to see if my skin gets better. Do you have any suggestions on how to moisturize very dry skin?

    1. Demi, what you might be experiencing is over exfoliation of the skin or using the wrong kind of exfoliant for your skin type and condition. Check out my other article ( Cleansers, Serums, and Moisturizers for Dry Skin) as it goes into greater detail about moisturizing. Topical C from Sanitas Skincare would be a great option for you. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Abby,

    I suffer from dry skin during the winter more so than the warmer season. I appreciate that you gave three levels of exfoliation to help with deciding which would be good for me.

    I understand and agree that by drinking lots of water helps keep your body hydrated and your skin from getting too dry.

    I appreciate the info…thank you for sharing.

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